Finished! Craft Show #1

Finished! Craft Show #1

My first craft show is over and I think it was a success! There was a threat of bad weather, so the crowd turnout wasn’t as good as it might have been, but I still managed to sell several items and make a profit. My products seemed to make people smile when they saw them even if they didn’t end up buying anything, which was sweet! Based on what I saw of the other vendors, I was pretty well prepared, especially for a first-timer. The fact that my items were smaller and less expensive than those of many other vendors was in my favor, I think, because it allowed people to be a little bit impulsive without spending too much on one thing.

Things that I did and will definitely do again:

1. Accept credit cards. Most people paid in cash, but the fact that I had the option was definitely good.

2. Price to sell

3. Have business cards and a website, Etsy shop, or even just an email address. Lots of people took one even if they didn’t buy anything outright, and I’ve had one person (so far) follow up and order something because of it.

4. Display eye catching items prominently

5. Make professional looking tags for each item displaying the item name, care instructions, my website, and a thank you

For next time, I will make sure to:

1. Bring shopping bags for people to store their goods in after buying.

2. Stock more sizes and color options for popular items

3. Continue to only bring my best work

Overall, this was a good experience and I am on the hunt for my next craft show opportunity!

Have any of my readers done these things before? What is the best way to find out about craft shows in your area? How will I know if a show is the right place for me and my merchandise?

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