More babies, more baby blankets.

More babies, more baby blankets.

Hello all! I don’t officially sell baby blankets on my website, but I do like to make them as gifts or if someone specifically asks to buy one from me. Here are some pictures of a few pretty little blankets I’ve made over the past months, each for someone very small and special. I hope I can provide a little inspiration into your own crafting! Click to enlarge photos.


For Maddie

This one (above) consisted of a classic shell stitch with three yarn colors: white, mint, and a pink/purple/mint multi. The lacy border came afterward from a chart I found on Pinterest.


For Liam

I just love this one. The color combination is my favorite! It’s like a little earth,  water,  sky, and just a touch of sunset. I didn’t know when I started if this baby would be a boy or a girl, thus the bold color scheme with a bit of pink at one end. The hexagons were fun and easy to make, but tying them all together is really a pain. Also, this blanket doesn’t hold up as well in the wash as the others. Next time I’ll do more tests and try to find a way to make the centers of the hexagons more wash-resistant.


For Dorothy

This one was for a baby I didn’t know, but I did know that she had a pink and purple room. I loved the “painted” multi-colored yarn, and the bold lavender stripes and crab stitch border kept the scheme from being to boring.


For Liam (another view)