New England Trip and the Boston-Loving Aunts

New England Trip and the Boston-Loving Aunts

Last week the husband and I took a little trip to visit my in-laws and extended family on that side. They live in various parts of New England, so we were able to do some vacationing as well while we were in the area. It being near-peak foliage time, I was set on finding a picture of “rocks and trees, of skies and seas” (referenced lyrics from a favorite hymn). The opportunities were numerous to see all four of those pieces of creation, with our mountainous and colorful drive up there, our visits to Portland and the lighthouses, and the overall wildness of the landscape in Maine, Boston, and everywhere in between. Here’s one of the snaps I ended up with:


What beautiful country! And what excellent seafood we got to eat there on the beach! I got to eat two lobsters, a plate of fried clams, and my new favorite northeastern dish, baked haddock. It’s like a piece of perfect birthday cake, except it’s fish.

One of my aunts-in-law we visited with happened to be the lady who bequeathed me with her pile of “extra” yarn, so I brought her a little present as a thank-you. She’s a big Red Sox fan, so I went with that theme. I loved the way it turned out, and it is super comfy and warm. Check out some pictures¬†of the New England hat in its natural habitat:

image (2) image


If you like it,¬†keep in mind that I’d be glad to make another one to celebrate your favorite team. Just email me anytime! (

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